Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things on Wheels

As some of you know I co-chair the Kids Crafts Committee at Fiskateers message board. Every month Amy E and myself think about fun craft project to make with kids and post it on the message board. We also offer a prize to fiskateers that feel inspired by our projects and share their own creations with us. Thanks Fiskars for letting us to offer these prizes.

This month's theme was things on wheels. I found this cute project on Family Fun website and I thought it is perfect for our montly theme.
Ella and I made it with some minor modifications:

1. Paint the tube
2. Mark the location of the cockpit
3. Cut out the part of the cockpit marked with *. Cut out the other part leaving one side attached. Fold the flap up to serve as a seat back.
4. Punch out four 2" black circles for the wheels. I added another layer of the thin chipboard for stability. Punch four 1" circles from silver paper or aluminum foil. I used the leftovers from the wrapping paper. Punch out one 1" black circle for the steering wheel.

5. Assembly the wheels together, punch holes in the centers and insert paper fasteners (preferably plain and not your favorite fabric covered brads)
6. Punch the holes in the tube for the wheels and the steering wheel and attach. Decorate as desired.
7. 8. Play!


  1. Ahh.. how to make a small boy very happy (for not-much money!).
    That's a lovely project and your car is fab!

  2. Now that is totally crafty and cute!!!!

    Hope you have a great week!