Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Take Twelve - December

I've been busy lately. Making layouts, playing with new beautiful products, making cards and than making more and more cards. I have a lot of scrappy things to share but didn't have an energy to do so. Friday shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School left me shaken, heartbroken and scared. If it is difficult for me to pick myself up I can not imagine what does it mean for the Newtown residents, teachers, friends and the families. I don't have anything smart to say, in fact I am writing this paragraph for more than an hour. There are many beautiful and thoughtful posts like this one and this and this and this. The last one also gives a link to the organizations that accept donations for the victims families. At least something that I can do. I will also hug my kids even more than I do now and I will tell them that they are loved. 

 December 12th was a regular Wednesday. School for the kids, errands for me. It was the fifth night of Hanukkah. We ate dinner together, lit the candles, ate sufganiyout. The kids of our friends came over for dinner. That's it. The last picture shows little drawings Ella made using burned matches and toothpicks. I bought her a charcoal pencils since then.

I still need few layouts to complete but now I already believe that I will have12 monthly layouts. I really enjoyed this project and I am thinking about 2013. Take 13? ;-) I don't know yet. I am thinking about Project Life but I am terrified of falling off the wagon after first few weeks. Are you planning to do a year long project in 2013?


  1. You're right--are photos and posts are very similar.

  2. ...и, когда ты будешь обнимать своих деточек, скажи им , что я не могу их обнять , но я их очень люблю. Как мне жаль, что я упустила столько возможностей обнять своих девочек и сказать им как я их люблю

  3. Hi Maya!
    You're the lucky winner for the Take Twelve prize this month : ) Please email me your mailing info at elizabeth (at) ellapublishing (dot) com and I'll get it to the right place to mail out your Compendium journals!

  4. I love this! Awesome job. You should totally do a Take 13! I haven't done a year-long project personally, but I'd say that if Project Life (or whatever else) feels right to you, go for it. But since you used the word "terrified," it might not be right for you this year. The beauty of scrapbooking is that there's no right or wrong. Start it, don't start it, start it but don't finish it... it's all memories recorded.