Saturday, December 1, 2012

Camp Scrap day 1 - misted card

Supplies: cardstock (American Crafts), template (Crafter's Workshop), gelatos, marker and pencil (Faber-Castell), mist (Tattered Angels), letter stickers (Sassafras Lass)

Few days ago I stumbled upon May's Camp Scrap post. I even didn't know she was planning the holiday edition! I am May's loyal reader but I probably missed it during one of my "too busy to read blogs" periods. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised and not surprisingly inspired by the post. I was particularly inspired by the Peace Joy Love card. I liked that she used a piece of paper as a mask and the hand drawn frame.

I started also by lightly adhering a piece of cardstock on the center of my card front. I used a template to draw feathers with Faber-Castell gelatos. I smudged them well with my fingers, lifted the template and misted everything with Meadow Green Glimmer Mist. After it dried I lifted the piece of cardstock and misted it all again with Silver Sugar Glimmer Mist. I added Sassafras Lass glittery letters and drew a frame with Faber-Castell marker.

I was very genreous with my misting. You can see the card front is wrapped. I consider it more an exercise in creativity than a card. I love the effect and I think it will be fun to try on a layout. 

I am looking forward to more Camp Scrap posts. Today's post is already up. I need to find something to wrap!


  1. That was my favorite of her cards too. Your interpretation is beautiful!

  2. Such a pretty card!!

    Have a Blessed day ~~ dawn

  3. Yes, I have that happen when I mist, too. Sometimes the piece can be flattened overnight in a book (between paper towels). I love the soft colors on this. :)

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