Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take Twelve - September

September 12th sneaked up on me and caught me unprepared. I wasn't sure what pictures I want to take and that made me think about other things I am not prepared for, like Rosh HaShanah that is coming this Sunday (gasp) and Eli's 4th birthday this coming Thursday. That gave me an idea to devote my September's photos to Eli. Now it sounds like the obvious thing to do since I devoted July photos to Ella, so I don't know why I was even considering other options.

1.  Milk and cereal for breakfast.
2.  Morning bike ride in the driveway before the school bus comes.
3.  Zoom! Zoom! He is getting fast!
4.  9:45am - the school bus had arrived.
5.  3:30pm - Eli's new afternoon school has the best playground.
6.  Time to go home.
7.  Afternoon snack - yogurt with M&M's.
8.  Much needed haircut.
9.  First time in a big chair by himself.
10. Backyard ride on Power Wheels Kawasaki.
11. Bath time. 
12. Everything is more fun with Thomas and Percy.

Guess what pictures I will be taking in November?


  1. Oh, I think I can guess about Novemeber!

  2. Какой большой, красивый, умный и самый любммый мальчик

  3. Great photos! I so understand about things sneaking on you. I swear, the older I get, the more it happens!

  4. love your photos. i can see a lovely layout coming on.