Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog maintanence

I did few small changes to my blog layout. I added social media buttons to the left side bar just under the profile. I have links to my Facebook page, Pinterest, Flickr and RSS feed. Thanks to Kira from Her New Leaf for the great instructions and for the link to the adorable icons based on the Pantone Color of the Year made by Isa Maria.

I plan to do few other small changes but in general I like my layout with clean background. I admit that I don't appreciate blogs with busy backgrounds and especially with music playing. I am curious, what blog features do you find most annoying and what you find helpful?


  1. I'm all about clean! :-) Lookin' good!

  2. I agree Maya - NO music! I don't mind a little color here and there but a busy pattern all over is too much for my brain to weed through to get to the important stuff. LOVE your LO below about the fox!

  3. Me too! The biggest anoyance is music! I like your clean look and easy to follow layout.