Friday, November 11, 2011


For few weeks now I was thinking about doing something special with the kids on this day. Special and simple and not very time consuming. I decided to go a time capsule similar to this

For now I decided to include the following:
1. Mini album with pictures from the day
2. Pictures of the girls assignment notebooks
3. School papers with the date
4. Gas and basic grocery prices
5. Printouts of random emails from Ofir's and my inbox
6. "Me, right now" questionnaire (still looking for something interesting)
7. Kids height, clothes and shoe sizes
8. Eli's handprint
9. What we ate for dinner
10. Anything special that girls want to include

What do you think? What you would include in the time capsule?

Me, this morning: Lila, can you bring some papers from school with today's date? I want to make a time capsule
Lila, with cynical expression: Really?? And than we will dig a hole and bury it?
Me: No, we will put it on a shelf
Lila, starting to like the idea: Ah, ok.

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