Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shimelle's Summer Online Crop

As always, we had a busy week and a busy weekend. In between ice skating lessons, shopping and laundry I kept an eye on Shimelle's blog. She is hosting a huge online crop this weekend. More than 20 challenges are already posted - half are scrapbooking challenges and half are photo prompts. I didn't have much time to scrapbook but I did take few pictures. It was fun running errands with the camera and thinking about the photo opportunities.
Photo challenge: Get Close
Ella playing her Nintendo DSi. That's almost the only thing she is doing lately.

Photo challenge: Manmade
Cubbies at the ice skating rink

Photo challenge: Reflection
Obviously me, waiting for Lila to finish her skating lesson.

Photo challenge: Bellow the knee
I made several pictures trying to capture Lila's feet in action. That one was the first one and the most successful I think

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  1. Oh I missed there was a crop somehow. Bummer, was home w/ the kids all w/e too. Great pics!