Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pantry is organized!

Few weeks ago at my local MOMs chapter meeting I won a gift certificate to Organized Nest. Who can't use 2 hours with professional organizer?? I certainly could. My kitchen pantry gave me a headache since we moved. I was excited to have a big kitchen pantry but my organizational system from the previous kitchen did not work at all. The shelves very too deep and soon it became a huge mess as you see from before picture.

And here are the results. Jean helped me to sort everything to the bigger baskets and she brought with her the cute baskets with handles. I could put them on the upper shelf and still reach them when needed.

Thanks Jean! Now I just need to tackle the rest of the house LOL


  1. Good for you - it looks great. Cleaning out a closet almost always leads to me cleaning out several if not all of them. But I haven't started that this year, well, yet anyway. Did the professional give you any tips you want to share?

  2. hello! I just have to tell you that I got so inspired by your Pantry clean-up, that I went out and bought some baskets and copied what you did :-) THANKS for the inspiration!
    - Ingrid (used to be on the jewishscrapbooking forum)