Monday, April 16, 2012

Take Twelve - April

One of the suggested Take 12 prompts for April was technology and I decided it will be fun to look at this page few years from now. Our personal and home electronics are by no means state of the art. Well, maybe except Lila's. But it works for us.

1. My 2009 Toyota Sienna. It was the first time we bought a new car and I still can't understand why we did that. But I do appreciate the convenience. After I finally was brave enough to drive it I was shocked how easy it is. Our second car is 2000 Mazda Protege. 
2. This is how I find Lila each morning - connected to her iPod or Nook or both. Her cellphone is probably under the pillow.
3. My 5 years old laptop - HP Pavilion. It is pretty much falling apart and I started to think if tablet will be good enough for me or I need a new laptop.
4. Lila's nook - she got the first Nook from grandma almost 2 years ago and last December she upgraded herself to Nook Color. She uses it to read books and to watch Law and Order on Netflix 
5. Eli playing with Ella's DSi. DSi's were huge few years ago and both girls have them. But now they are not getting much use. I had to ask Ella to bring her DSi for the photo shoot purposes.
6. My cellphone -last summer a tube of sunscreen leaked in my bag and ate the cellphone coating. Looking forward to the upgrade!
7. Ofir in our basement office corner. - working on his laptop and watching movie on the desktop.
8. Eli playing with Leapster - this Leapster is also 5 years old (like my laptop) and was a gift from my BFF Nina to Ella
9. Our second desktop in the living room. It is used for homework and Netflix - definitely need a replacement for this one. We are getting at least one blue screen a day.
10. PS23 with Ofir's favorite game - enough said.
11. Ofir's Nikon D70 and a little Fuji that I am using. Another item on my wish list - new DSLR!
12. Wii. Used mainly for Netflix buy Eli (Blue's Clues) and Ella (crazy Japanese animation movies) . Our fabulous TV set is also in the picture - the black circle and the lines are actually there, part of the screen.

Here it is - our technology list looks more like a shopping list. :)

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  1. Years from now your grandkids will be able to look back at this and laugh at the ancient technology!

  2. You know, I didn't use the technology theme this month, but I really love the way yours turned out. It's such an amazing piece of our modern world. Once when we traveled for the weekend, I realized that between phones, camera, e-reader, and laptop, I was traveling with $800 worth of electronics to go away for 2 days!

  3. What a fun idea for a collage-type layout! I'm sure that future generations will get a giggle at looking at the photos of our "technology" in a few decades. (I can remember when my grandparents got a "pong" game back in the mid-1970s for all of the grandkids to play with when they visited - too funny!) We've all come a loooong way since "pong", haven't we?? :)

  4. I love your take on the challenge...and I have to say, your technology is better than ours if it makes you feel any better!

  5. Really like this post. Love the collage ....