Monday, October 10, 2011

10 things

Since I returned to the blogosphere and noticed several fun things that people are doing on their blogs. One of them is 10 things on 10th hosted by Shimelle. This month I decided to jump in. Since it is my first time I will list 10 random facts about me.

1. I am a helpless procrastinator. 
2. I am not a morning person. I do not like waking up early (before 7:30 am is early for me)
3. I am finishing the 4th and last week of boot camp at my local YMCA. The weekday classes start at 5:45am. This is tough for me! (see no 3)
4. I am addicted to magazines.
5. I am addicted to reading blogs - 217 subscriptions in my Google Reader
6. My favorite drink - tall Startbucks latte. No sugar.
7. I am thinking about my next scrappy projects when I am driving or just before I fall asleep.
8. I love Autumn - the colors, the fresh air, the leaves make me happy.
9. I am knitting a pair of fingerless mitts - it is looking cute if I may say so.
10. In 4 days I will be 40 years old.


  1. I can relate to 1. and 5. Could there be a link!

  2. Happy ``soon to be`` birthday :) I used to be a magazine purchaser, now I rarely buy them... I think I`m too busy with no. 5. oh yeah and pinterest keeps me occupied too much too.

  3. Happy 40th on the 14th! I am very impressed with the "before the crack of dawn" boot camp. I get up on Tuesdays for a 6:30 Eat Smart Move More Weigh Less class but I don't have to even brush my teeth or hair lol

  4. I am procrastinating right this very second. Happy early birthday!