Monday, December 13, 2010

Anti-procrastination week

For several years now I am getting emails from Fly-Lady in my inbox and immediately deleting them. Last night one of them caught my attention. It said:

I am Declaring Anti-Procrastination Week!

Dear Friends,

What have you been putting off? Now is the time to do what you can to get some of this stress off your plate.

I want you to make a list of 6 things that you have put off doing!

I could easily make a list of 106 things that I am avoiding bit 6 will be good enough. So, without a further delay here is my list:

1. Make dentist appointments for me and the girls

2. Car maintenance

3. Make an immunization appointment for Eli

4. Call my friends

5. Eli's haircut

6. Clean the refrigerator

Shouldn't be to difficult, right? Who is with me?

1 comment:

  1. Дорогой друг ... или подружка!
    Вот мой список:
    1)на выходных Адар и Бен
    2)задачи для Лилах
    3)проверить 40 контрольных
    4)22-ого театр
    5)купить кое что из одежды мне и Жене
    6) шкаф к зиме
    и ещё ... поговорить с Майей,ехать к Алле, работа, стирка,готовка, почта и так далее и тому подобное... УРАААА !