Tuesday, May 18, 2010

8 by 8 photo challenge

I saw this on Sharyn's blog this morning. Open the 8th picture folder on your computer and find the 8th picture. Look what I found - my mom and me dancing at my wedding. Ofir is in the background, right behind me.I loved my dress, the hair was a disaster and overall I was way too nervous to enjoy my wedding. Did I say that I loved my dress?

What is the 8th picture in the 8th folder on your computer?


  1. What a wonderful photo! You made such a beautiful bride :) So glad you played along!

  2. So pretty! Very fun! I plan on doing that too this week. :)

  3. Oh, you look beautiful! And so happy! Wonderful photo.

  4. It certainly was a lovely dress... but my attention was first of all caught by the lovely smiling woman wearing the dress, followed by the other lovely lady dancing and smiling with her!
    You looked beautiful and happy. I hope you always will be!

    I'm about to add you to my list of 5 "victims" to answer 10 questions posted on my blog... hope you will forgive me!!