Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lila is 11

Today my oldest daughter turned 11. We celebrated last night at the restaurant. She asked for fondue restaurant and we found one that we never tried before.
It was great. We had all 3 types - cheese, meat and fish and of course chocolate for desert. The girls loved the food and the process, the atmosphere was delightful and had really enjoyed.

The only tiny problem was that the restaurant had just 4 bar height tables. It is a charming place but definitely not baby friendly. We would expect them to tell us that on the phone when we made reservations for 4 people and the baby. We took turns taking Eli outside and playing with him in the small lounge area. The rest of the time he was standing on the bar stool holding tight on Ofir and playing with fondue forks. We survived. It could be much worse.
With Lila's ice skating practices and competitions it is really hard to find time for her party. She will have a small sleepover party with her friends during the Thanksgiving break. I am looking for ideas.


  1. Happy birthday to Lila! I *love* fondue. (Especially the dessert part.)

  2. Happy Birthday to Lila! My "baby" is 11.

  3. Happy birthday to Lila! What kind of ideas are you looking for? I love helping to plan parties ;-)

  4. Happy Birthday Lila! I never had fondue, but it looks good!

  5. Моя дорогая Лилашечка - обоятельная и эллегантная, поздравляю и скучаю.

  6. What a great idea. My daughters birthday is 12/9 and she's truning 11. Maybe I'll take her out for fondue...It sounds like fun.

    Happy Birthday Lila