Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blog Around the World

Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class is over. Three weeks went so fast. It was really a great class and I am so glad I took it. One of my favorite things during the class was reading the blogs of my fellow classmates - get inspired by their wonderful projects, read their thoughts and plans, laugh with them and make connections.

One of the several collaborative projects that grew out of this class is Blog Around the World event. About 40 scrapbookers and bloggers around the world will post a picture from their window and if they want, a picture of their creative space.

If you are coming from Amber's blog, welcome. You already know what it is about and how to move forward. If you are reading about the Blog Around the World here for the first time, at the end of this post I will give a link to the next blog in this virtual adventure. You can continue blog hopping till you will make the full circle or you can start from the beginning of the blog chain here.

So, without future delay, this is what I saw yesterday morning from my kitchen window. I love sitting by my kitchen table with a cup of cofee and look outside. It always look so peaceful and serene.

And now to my creative space. After our move I decided to scrap in the family room. I organized most of my supplies in this closet. About 60% of my supplies is still in the basement. To be honest I am doing just fine with what I have upstairs...

The left side of the closet from top to bottom:
  • Cropper Hopper file holders with cardstock and patterned paper. The first three on left are Jenni Bowlin kits. The rest is cardstock and some papers that I used lately like Halloween and fall themed paper. The rest is in the basement.
  • Fiskars squeeze punches
  • Two shelves with clear shoe boxes. All my embellishments are sorted by color in those boxes. In addition to the color boxes I have a box for my bling, chipboard, journaling spots/cards/whatever, halloween/fall, winter, baby, travel and the newest embellishments
  • Cropper Hopper box with my stickers and rub-ons sorted by color and by theme.
  • The last shelf has binders with pictures in chronological order. Those are just printed 2009 and 2008 pictures. The rest is in the basement
  • On the wall, clear pockets with my Fiskars border and circle punches
The right side of the closet from top to bottom:
  • Binders with my clear stamps and 2 CTMH boxes with more clear stamps. Mikey Mouse ears from Fiskars 360 birthday party. I didn't attend the party but was lucky to receive the ears from Rebecca
  • 12x12 drawers with my scraps sorted by colors, chipboard, and the drawer with newest stuff. Everything that is not a full sheet (and was not part of the kit) goes into my scrap drawers.
  • 4 drawers with card making supplies, alpha chipboard and rub-ons, punches and miscellaneous stuff
  • On the wall I have a tiny slatwall with my ribbons (sorted by color of course) and a basket.
That's all. It is definitely work in progress but so far it is working for me.

Thanks for stopping by in my corner of the world. Now I am going to send you to visit Sharyn. You are not going too far - she also lives in Wisconsin. I promise you will enjoy her creative projects, inspirational posts and delightful photography.

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  1. oooh cool organisation and beautiful view
    jo xx

  2. I love your outdoor space :-)

    And that's only 40% of your stash?! lol!!

  3. Wonderful scrapping space! I'm going to have to come back and study it for ideas to get myself organized one of these days! You have a very beautiful view out your window!

  4. I really like your view, and what an amazing scrap space you have ... lucky girl!

  5. I can imagine sitting on that bench for ages drinking in the view of the trees. thanks for being aprt of the blog party

  6. Wow....your view....your craft area.....both very envious.

  7. Gorgeous shots, so nice to see your view! And, nice to "meet" you in Shimelle's class!

  8. Love the view and your organization for crafting is just way too kewl and klever!

  9. Very nice meeting you and sharing in your view. I can picture you sitting at your kitchen table with a cup of coffee looking out at that view.

    Aaaah, peace and serenity!

  10. Thanks for sharing your view and your scrapping supplies :-)

  11. Lovely view and I'd enjoy a sitting spell on your bench!

    Thanks for sharing. :o)

  12. I'd be sitting on the bench every chance I had, very quiet and peaceful. You are well organized on the supplies, I'll be back as well to study it since I'm just starting out. I should start out that way instead of what I'm sure it could become. Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a lovely view of your garden! Your craft space is fantastic!

  14. Good org of your stuff! Nice yard too! Nice to have all the links - I've run into some dead ends.

  15. Lovely view, looks so nice and big too!

  16. Your scrapping supplies are definately well organised.

  17. What a peaceful view, I adore that! Great scrapping space too :-D

  18. Ooh, thanks for letting me see your scrap space today! I love to see where others create. You've got a lovely view too.

  19. Hi Maya.

    I can see myself sitting on the bench enjoying my morning coffee.
    I have been looking at your great layouts. I had planned to work on May`s class today - instead I am blog surfing around the world:)
    Thanks for sharing.


  20. Well a day late - but I think I'll be able to finish the round the world today. I love your outside view. Those fir tree make sure you'll have color all year round. I like your upstairs craft area, but I don't think I could live with mine in two different rooms. Glad it works for you.

  21. your scrappy stuff looks so organized! Thanks for showing. I love the view from your window - I think it's great to be able to look out and see only nature!