Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take Twelve - March

By now no one questions me when on the 12th of each month I run around with the camera and look for things I want to photograph. "Oh yes", said Lila last night when I told her I need to find one more green thing, "It is the12th today". She also had a great idea, the flier from her BBYO chapter (Jewish youth organization) that invited her to her first BBYO event was green. The picture of the flier concluded my quest for green things. I also took pictures (in the reverse order) of
- the content of my green embellishments drawer
- our typical dinner salad - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onions and vinegar dressing
- chicken noodle soup in a green mug. We have those mugs for years!
- LeapPad Fridge Phonics - letters are huge part of Eli's life. He loves naming them, singing ABC song, looking for letters everywhere he goes and spelling words.
- Eli's artwork from school
- toy boxes in the family room
- shopping bags with groceries in the minivan trunk
- Eli's green sippy cup (For long time Eli called the cup and green color in general "puppy". Why "puppy"? Because of the Green Puppy in his favorite show Blue's Clues)
- Percy with his friends on the dinning table
- daffodils are picking out! We had an unusually warm winter and very warm spring so far!
- I started my morning with dentist appointment. Not my favorite thing to do. At least their business card is cute - in nice shimmery green 

That's it for March 12th. I am looking forward to printing the pictures and making my third layout.


  1. I like the story of your daughter saying, "oh, yeah it's the 12th." One day a month where I can shamelessly photograph everything. For some reason, I think your Percy photo is my favorite.

  2. Fun story! My kids often say to me, "What are you taking a picture of THAT for... oh yes, it's for your blog!" I used to go to BBYO many moons ago :)