Friday, January 31, 2014

Favorite Things Friday - Crafty Storage

Time for another Favorite Things Friday post! The Scrap It Girl Design Team shares favorite crafty storage items.

I decided to share how I store my ribbons. For now this is the most organized area in my scraproom.
I store my ribbons in one from the  drawers of my Michael's craft cubes. The dividers came with the drawers. I started by wrapping the ribbons around a 3x3 piece of cardboard but later I started to use  Cropper Hopper dividers cut in squares. They are supposed to be used as dividers for the paper holders in but I had a lot of extras. I cut them in squares and they work perfect. If I know the ribbon brand I put a little sticky label.

The drawer contains all ribbons that are longer than 12". The shorter lengths of ribbon are hanging on my slot wall using binder clips.

This system really works for me.  Check what other DT members shared and share your favorite crafty storage solution with us here.

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