Saturday, January 11, 2014

Top ten projects 2013

2013 was my least productive year in terms of creating. We moved from Wisconsin to New Jersey in July and my creative life came to a complete stop for few months. I wrote only 48 blog posts in 2013 compared to 111 in 2012. Still, I managed to make quite a few projects so here they are - my top 10 favorite projects from 2013 with the links to their blog posts.

Few words about the last one. I managed to do only 9 weeks. I absolutely love them. Unfortunately it took me much more time that I hoped and when the life became too busy I wasn't able to keep up. I am still on the fence about doing Project Life in 2014. If I do I will have to find a simpler approach. I would love to hear your thought and ideas!

Here it is. If you posted your top 10 on your blog, leave me a comment, I would love to see them!


  1. Great choices! The 'First Ripped Jeans' is particularly cool! My top layouts of 2013 post will be running on Monday.

  2. איזה סיכום מקסים!!
    כל הכבוד!
    זהבית שקד