Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gifts from Israel

My sister always sends us the most thoughtful gifts. I thought this time I will share what came to us last week.

Cute little fleece top for Eli in my favorite color.

2 fleece hats for the girls.

Handmade bag for me!
Ella loved her new warm hat - perfect for Wisconsin winter.
Thanks my dear! You are the best sister and aunt ever!

Here is something else that I wanted to share - one of the new blogs that I discovered is called Israeli Kitchen. It is in English and it posts recipes and articles about Israeli food. Today's post is about a market in Ramla. If you like to read about other cultures you will enjoy this post.

I made a minialbum about a trip to another market in Israel. You can see few pages here.


  1. Hi,
    Cool link. We love markets. In Ramla supposed to be very good Tunis sandwich.

  2. Cool presents (well, warm actually!). What a lovely sister you must have! I will take a look at the Israeli Kitchen asap.

  3. Oh how fun! Those hats are adorable!!

  4. Oh how sweet! And so fun to get goodies in the mail! :) Cute stuff!