Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And we are back!

Phew, I didn't blog for so long! I have lots of catch up to do. Let's get started!

The next day after Lila and me came back from Colorado we were on the flight to Israel. As expected it was long and exhausting experience but everything was forgotten as soon ad we entered the arriving hall atthe airport and saw my sister and my dad and Ofir's parents.

We had just one day to get adjusted to the time difference before the wedding.

The wedding was lovely. It reminded me the times when every few months we were invited to a wedding. We went to them all first as a dating couple, than as married couple and than with baby Lila. 10 years past ... Lila is not a baby but a lovely young lady. But what's that?? I have another baby. Life is full of surprises :)

I just love this photo of them! The photo is by professional photographer. (Note to myself - find his name and edit this post)

Before we left to Colorado I managed to finish this frame with the wedding invitation. Layers of mod-podged Heidi Grace paper and handmade ribbon flowers. I made a simple card to go with the frame.

I will post few more pictures from the wedding and from the trip in the next few days.


  1. Welcome back! I agree. The photo is lovely. But it`s all to do with the beutiful bride and groom :-)

    I love the frame, Its a wonderfull keepsake. The card is briliant, so simple and yet so beautiful:)

    Laila tov:-)

  2. What a beautiful couple!

    I love the frame & the card is so pretty!

    Can't wait for more pics! :)

  3. מזל טוב. גם אני הייתי בישראל בדיוק באותו זמן. מחכה לראות מה תעשי עם התמונות מהארץ. מחפשת רעיונות לדפים "ציוניים" עם התמונות מהביקור הזה וביקורים קודמים ושום דבר לא בא לי.

  4. welcome back! i cant wait to see some more pictures! i LOVE weddings! the frame is such a wonderful idea, i think you inspired me to do the same for a friend of mine.