Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eight Night of Hanukkah and 2 giveaways

Today's post will be short and sweet, at least I hope it will be sweet :)

Few hours ago we lit our Menorahs for the last time this year and ate the last sufganiyot. It was the most memorable Hanukkah for me because of you all. Thank you for allowing me to share my holidays with you! It was a lot of fun and helped me to make our family Hanukkah celebrations more meaningful.

I want to share this quick project I made today. It is multi-layered collage that goes into shadow frame.
I picked 9 pictures that I liked and used Picasa to make a collage. I then printed the collage 3 times on matte photo paper (It says photo paper on the package but it is more like cardstock quality)

I than cut the collage into separate squares. When I need to trim pictures printed at home I love to use my Fiskars by-pass trimmer.

I than arranged the 9 pictures on the piece of 9x9 back cardstock and glued them down. After that I decided what squares will have 2 layers and what squares will have 3 layers.

I added the 2nd and the 3rd layers using the pop-dots.

All done. The collage goes into the shadow box from Ikea. The light in my basement is not the best but you got the idea :)

Now let's see who is the winner of the RAK #6.

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2008-12-29 05:28:21 UTC

Meital - you are the winner. Please email me at

Today, I have two RAKS.
RAK #7: Heidi Grace special edition Bouquet scissors and two Studio G clear stamp sets. One has Happy Day and Smile stamps and the second has Sweetheart, Love and I Love You stamps.

RAK#8: Heidi Grace Under the Sea kit: 10 patterned papers, Punchboard Box set Add-ons, Glitter Hearts Accents. (well, it's not really a kit, I am just sharing from my stash)

Leave a comment to be entered into the random drawing. You have till December 30. I will post the winners on December 31st.

P.S. Do you see the little owl picking out behind the shadow frame? He is the subject of my next post.
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  1. i love The collage

  2. wow, cool picture! I think I will do one as well... although I don't have a photo printer, nor a trimmer, but I am sure I can work something out. you have been a great inspiration this holiday and I think the photos show you have inspired and been inspired by your family, and that is beautiful to see.
    happy new year!

  3. I love the collage idea. I will need to try that sometime. I am so going to miss your telling us about Hanukkah. I hope you take the time to enlighten us again about different celebrations.

  4. Hi Maya! I love your collage, what a fantastic idea. I'm so glad you've enjoyed your holiday. (no need to add me to the RAK drawing, I just wanted to say hi!).

  5. Love the layouts! And I love reading all about Hanakkah. I think I will make a similar collage.

    Happy New Year!
    Karen #4500

  6. Too much fried food, glad it's over... lol
    I hope for some peace & quiet in our country - I have a soldier at the Lebanese border.
    I was gonna ask you about the owl - I LOVE owls - so I can't wait for your next post...
    Dorly Weitzen

  7. YEY!!! that's me!!!
    the collage is so great! what a great idea.
    it's nice to see that ikea is also a major hit at the US.

  8. Loved your collage. Again, thanks for sharing your holiday with us.

  9. the collage is fabulous!!! Love the traditions that I have followed you through this holiday. the owl is very cute!!!!

  10. The collage is great. You have a beautiful family.

  11. i really like what u did with the pictures:) Hope u have a happy new year.

  12. The layers are very nice. I especially the way you used used copies of the pictures underneath -- it adds more depth. -Brenda #3635

  13. The collage is fabulous. I have certainly enjoyed your blog "tutorials" on your religious observances of this holiday. I think it would be wonderful if you did the same thing for your other holidays throughout the year. There is so much to learn and your blog has made it easier to explain to my grandchildren. Thank you!

  14. Love your shadow box project !! Very cool !!! Have enjoyed Hanukkah this year, thanks to you !! Now, looking forward to the "owl" story...he is cute !!

  15. I love the collage idea Maya. The pictures are really sweet.

  16. Loved the collage. Happy 2009 to you and your family.

  17. מאיה, איזה קולאז' יפה!
    המשפחה שלך מקסימה.
    תמדיכו להנות כך, ולא רק בחנוכה :-)

  18. Love the shadow-box, and love owls... can't wait for the post to come....

    Thank you for the generous RAKs.

    Sarah :-)

  19. great idea and I too like the collage things (I use picnik)cause you get a feel of the whole celebration.

    KateB F # 4529

  20. you have a relly nice blog.

  21. קולאז' מקסים! איזה רעיון נהדר.
    היה חג נהדר גם אצלינו, פעם ראשונה שחגגנו חנוכה כמו שצריך מאז שעזבתי את הארץ ואני שמחה לבשר שהתחלנו מסורת :)
    שנה אזרחית נפלאה :-)

  22. Рамбам утверждал, что субботние свечи освещают дом. а ханукальные свечи предназначены для того, чтобы светить" наружу" – в тьму, в дождь, в галут. И твоя "свеча "- замечательный проект - светит теплом нашего праздника. И судя по отзывам этот свет увиден.

  23. That is a neat collage! I love all your pics :D

  24. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the how to! Smiles.