Saturday, September 13, 2008

Got sushi?

Here is something I made for the Baker's Dozen challenge on fiskateers blog. I was looking through the pile of photos at my desk looking for the black and white photo for the challenge and found this one. It one of favorites photos of my sister! Everything else just felt in place.

Here are 13 items I had to use:
1. black and white picture - check
2. doodling - I had to look for sushi drawings on the web for this one
3. 3 or more different papers to be used - 3 pp from Collage Press
4. ribbon - scallop felt ribbon
5. double matting - check
6. chipboard - 2 Scenic route chipboard circles
7. sticky note - from the prescription pad
8. shaped brads (not the norm) - black arrow
9. hand cutting - the ? sign
10. title must be "Got________?" ( you fill in the blank!) - check
11. staples - attaching the ribbon
12. sticker(s) - Scenic Route alpha stickers
13. inking - the ? sign and the edges of the layout

How are my sushi doodles?? Good thing I usually don't draw on my layouts! LOL

On the other front we are just waiting, enjoying having grandma here and doing some shopping.

Miss E. really didn't want to join us on the recent mall trip. As a reward she was able to use my camera. We ended up with 20 shoes pictures and few cute ones.

like this self portrait :)


  1. great LO! Love the picture of your sis - she looks cute, a lot like you. :-) And I really like how you fanned out the picture and the mats a bit, very cool!