Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school

Finally! :)

We had a good summer but it is time for the school year to begin. time to get back to schedule and time for me to get my few free hours back. Not for too long. I am 38 weeks today so the new baby can be here any moment. I hope he will stay inside for another 2 weeks - I am so NOT ready yet.

I snapped some pictures before I sent the girls to the bus today. They are so big!

I didn't upload anything for a while. Here is the layout I made after watching the video with Mel Sanchez Love the wired ribbon look!

Few weeks ago I made this clipboard and the matching gift card holder for my neighbour. She was Ella's summer school teacher and was kind enough to take Ella every morning to school with her. That was very helpful and I wanted to thank her. She is a teacher assistant in our school so I hope she will find the clipboard useful :)

I have a huge list of errands planned for today. The clock is ticking! I hope to be able to post more this week.


  1. omg, I didn't realize how old/big your girls are!! They look so sweet. :-)

    Cute layout too! I think the wired ribbon looks great, as does the shaped paper.

  2. Girls look so cute! Isn't it weird when you notice how they've grown? Wait til end of school year! OMG! So soon the baby will be here! Woo hoo! Boy layouts! lol

  3. Hi, I have so pretty nieces (and so grown up)!

    Good luck to the all family.