Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Take Twelve - May

May is a busy month, jammed full with the end-of-year activities. Among them is an annual ice skating show put together by Wisconsin Figure Skating Club. It is an amazing event, organized completely by volunteers, that devote endless hours to the show. 

I did not have any problems to take 12 pictures on May 12th. I took more than 400 pictures at two ice skating shows that happened to be on May 12th. During the whole weekend Lila had 4 shows and I ended up with more than 600 pictures to sort and go through. They are not the best but they are a good reminder of this special day.

Lila skated in 4 numbers and I decided to pick 3 pictures from each number. The first column is her synchronized skating program, the second is Party Rock Anthem (can you see the skirt, the sleeve and the heart necklace - yours truly made them for 6 girls in this number), the third is Retro Disco (the knitted legwarmers were made by me) and the last one is Aerosmith.

All of the above also explains why I didn't have time to scrap, or blog, or read blogs or do anything else in the last couple of weeks. I really miss my scrap desk!

I have few things in progress so I hope to be back soon with a new layout or two.
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  1. She looks like she had a blast!

  2. You did a great job taking pictures inside the rink. I tried before but they mostly end up blurry and too far away. Nice pics, Lisa

  3. Я так рада что у Лидашечки есть возможность кататься , выступать, нарядиться, покраситься, общаться. Обнимаю и целую её.

  4. Fabulous pages! I love your ice skating pages. You did a wonderful job fitting all the pictures with out making it look over crowded.