Monday, February 13, 2012

Take Twelve - February

Saturday night I went to bed thinking about my Take 12 project and how do I want to approach February. I decided to take pictures every hour and that's what I did (more or less). I love the results! It shows our typical Sunday and I was able to take pictures of all 5 of us. Even my face made it's rare appearance. :)

8:11 My typical breakfast - instant coffee with milk with one multi-grain thin, 2 table spoons of light cream cheese and something on top - cucumber, tomato or pepper rings like in the picture. 6 WW points+ :)

9:08 While I am spending time with my laptop Eli is playing with his Megasketcher. He stamped the star shape and sang "Twinkle twinkle little star". While I got the camera he moved to the heart shapes.

10:22 I dropped Ella at Hebrew school and went to Costco for my weekly shopping trip.

11:10 On the way from Costco - not too much this time: lettuce, celery, strawberries, thins, olives, cucumbers, pretzels

12:01 Picking up Ella from Hebrew school

1:04  Ella makes hew own lunch and eats it too - malawach (I will need to explain what it is in a separate post)

2:24  Ella and Eli play together. Eli adores his big sister.

3:08  Me with the Sunday newspaper. Picture taken by Ella.

4:27  Lila in her room with her iPod. She just came back from 3 hours of musical rehearsal.

5:14  Dinner time. Our good friend Lior joined us.

6:04  Ofir takes a break from his homework and plays shesh besh with Lior.

7:10  Lila works on her school project. She will demo how to make an iris folded heart.


  1. What a great glimpse into your day!

  2. I love how you added the times onto the photos. My parents always used to call backgammon "shesh besh" and I'm not sure if I have ever realized that that is the Hebrew name. Just hearing the words bring back childhood memories-my parents played shesh-besh with each other every Friday night.

  3. What a GREAT idea to add the times and take a photo every hour. Good thing I didn't try that this month, my photos would have been basketball every hour! I'm working on my photos (trying to mix it up a bit so they are not ALL basketball)-hope to get done later.