Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scrapbooking organization: paper scraps

As I promised in my Scraproom Tour post I will go into details how I organize specific supplies. Today I am sharing how I store my cardstock and paper scraps.

I use two sets of Sterilite drawers. I store most of my patterned paper scraps with the rest of the collections the belong to, so the drawers contain mainly cardstock scraps and patterned papers from old paper lines.

I have four color drawers: White/Cream/Grey/Black, Pink/Red/Purple, Yellow/Orange/Brown, Green/Blue. Another drawer contains multicolor paper scraps and chipboard, vellum and other miscellaneous scraps that don't belong anywhere else. I also have a drawer where I keep regular scrap paper, usually notices from school that have one blank side.

 Here is a peek inside my multicolor drawer.

Pink/Red/Purple drawer.

I use this system for several years now and it works great for me. It is easy to pull out the drawer and flip through the scraps finding that perfect shade of pink. One thing I learned using this system that is essential in keeping it functional - don't keep scraps that are too small. I know, it hurts to throw them away, but it is impossible to use every tiny scrap you may have. 

Another thing I love about this system - my kids know how to use it and even my 5 years old know where to go when his muse strikes.

Feel free to ask me questions and stay tuned for more organization posts.


  1. Great system Maya! I have a hanging file on wheels for my scraps by color and when they scraps get too small then I sit and punch butterflies or hearts etc & keep them in a glass jar to use. Waste not LOL!