Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Take Twelve - July

Busy busy times here. No time for blog and even (gasp) no time for scrapbooking! But it's all good - summer kids activities, birthday sleepover, meals with friends and even a travel adventure with a girlfriend. I'll try to do a recap post later but now I have only few hours left before our next guests come so I wanted to share my Take Twelve pictures from July. I decided to use one of the prompts and do only portraits. Truth to be said the pictures are from two days - 12th and 13th. 13th was Ella's birthday so I feel like it justifies the exception to the rule. My baby girl turned 11 .... My sweet and cuddly baby is turning into fierce young lady...

The pictures are taken with our new D5100. I am still shooting on auto but really want to learn more. And I decided I need a nice bag to carry it. I have low shoulders so it has to be crossbody. I don't want it to be too bulky. It should fit the camera, one additional lens, the flash (when I will learn how to use it) and my personal stuff - purse, notebook, cellphone ... I am looking into Epiphanie bags. Any recommendations?


  1. Love all these portraits, Maya! And congrats on a new camera. Enjoy. I don't have any great bag solutions. I'm always looking at different bags that might make by back or shoulders hurt less.

  2. Those are great photos Maya :) I do have a crossover bag and LOVE it. I just googled the bag you mentioned, I had not heard of them - they are very stylish!