Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 1st

Yesterday, September 1st, the girls started the new school year. My 7th grader thought about her first day of school outfit weeks in advance, woke up super early and at 7:10am was ready for the bus sporting the new clothes and shoes and the big hoop earrings. I can't believe she is mine. I love this girl!

My 4th grader did not agree to wear her new clothes (the fact that I had to drag her to the store to buy new clothes and that she doesn't want to wear her sister's small clothes is a different story). She wore tennis shoes because the shoes that she likes are not created yet. She went to school with the same backpack she has from the kindergarten because she didn't find anything she likes. (The backpack is in a great shape, I just thought she would want to have a new one). And, her bus came 10 minutes early so I didn't take her "first day of school" picture.

But I waited for her in the driveway with Eli and snapped this picture of her running from the bus, getting ready to give a big hug to her baby brother.

The little photo session by the front door didn't go as planned:

She cracks me up. I can't believe she is mine. I love this girl!

Me, I also started "school". I am taking Shimelle's class "Learn Something New Every Day"

Everyday in September I will focus on something new I learned that day. I will document my journey in a paper album and will post here weekly or maybe more often.

I gathered my supplies for this project. I will use 4x6 photo album from Target, Basic Grey Basics White 6x6 paper pad, Colorbox punch pad and one of the older Jenni Bowlin kits with red/black/cream color scheme. I also threw in some cream cardstock for printables and Heidi Swapp stamp set. I am sure I will use more than than (or maybe less?) but know it looks like a good start.

I am off to think what I learned yesterday and to live today - new lessons are waiting for me.


  1. your girls are too cute Maya...too funny that both had different ideas of what they wanted to wear for their first day of school!! My daughter started 8th grade last week, but she wears a uniform, so NO fighting for me with her and my son, well...he could care less.
    Great photos girl :)

  2. Beautiful girls & post. I had to lol at shoes she likes are not created yet. Too funny. We used same backpacks too - so far anyway. Plan on using the $50 towards clothes!

  3. darn kids, huh? love the "kit" you put together. can't wait to see your work with it!

  4. What a lovely pack to school post! Hope you enjoy the class, it sounds like a wonderful experience!

  5. So funny how your girls have such different attitudes about the first day of school...
    And I LOVE the project you took on - but do you really believe we learn something new every single day?
    This should be interesting!