Saturday, July 24, 2010

And we are back!

Actually we came back last Saturday. The flight from Italy was delayed, one of our suitcases was lost (and found the next day), almost all of use got some type of sickness on the way home and I spent this week between the sick baby that refused to eat and drink and driving Lila back and forth to the ice skating camp. That was a long way to say that I couldn't find even 15 minutes to reunite with my scrapbooking desk. So now we have 5 weeks without scrapbooking. I really hope for some "me" time this weekend!

I probably will never find time to catch up on all emails and blogs in my Google reader. I probably should just delete them. But I did notice few things.
- Big Picture Scrapbooking is having a fun free class this August. I signed up course. Come on, it's free!
- Terrific tutorial on Scrap That Baby - how to make your own stencils from photographs. And while you are there don't forget to check the latest challenge All Around Nursery You could win a cute scrapbooking kit.
- New series of Shoot-Along posts of Giver's Log. Looks interesting
- New Tuesday Trio sketch is up. The winner of the challenge with be invited to be a guest designer for the upcoming challenge. I love that this blog is in Hebrew and English so everyone can play.

Ah, I can hardly believe that just a week ago we were here:

Eli checking the hot sand of the Mediterranean Sea


  1. Oh hope you are all feeling better. The pic is beautiful, I'd miss it too. I had in my head you weren't home til this week - when things calm down we need do lunch!

  2. Welcome back! I have been away for two weeks and am having a big catch up. Congrats on your published layouts..we have had supply problems with the magazine over here and I haven't got to see a copy in person, so it was great to see your lovely layouts photographed here :)