Friday, December 11, 2009

Things on my mind

Too many...

1. Hanukkah starts tomorrow night. I am almost ready. The list of the gifts is finalized and almost everything is on the way. The list includes DS games, books and more books, board games and some seriously awesome stuff from the grandparents. Everything is for the girls. Since Eli doesn't make a wishlist yet he is not getting anything :) Last week we bought a train table for him so my conscious is clean :) So what is left on my Hanukkah list? A trip to the store to get the last of the gifts and more candles and some craft projects I wanted to finish. Tomorrow we have friends for dinner and Menorah lightning. My plan is to take a picture of Eli eating sufganija and use it as my Hanukkah greeting card. I like holiday that lasts 8 days - perfect for the last minute person like me.

2. Speaking about Hanukkah cards, I saw some gorgeous cards at ModernTribe website. Love them!

3. Few days ago Scrapbook and Cards magazine announced about Project 12th. You can read here about it. (Scroll down) I plan to play along!

4. Few current scrappy projects on my list:
That will keep me busy!

5. Hero Arts are having a 2010 Catalog Preview Party at the scrapbooking stores all over the world. My LSS is on the list. I hope to find time and stop by. Click on the blinkie on the right to see if your store is having a party.

6. I am thinking about 2 online classes - Blogging Your Way by Holly Becker from the design blog Decor8 and Wellness Journey by Lisa Cohen . Truth to be said I already took Lisa's class in 2008 and didn't do anything with it. I probably read only first 2 downloads. But I am thinking about it again. Go figure...

7. Last but not least. This Saturday, December 12th I will take part in the fun blog hop. My friend Carrie will start with the first post at 8am and from there 12 different posts will appear on 6 blogs. One post every hour for 12 hours! The beautiful logo is created by Julie.
Going back to my lists now...


  1. Happy Chanukah to you! Was so excited as I was running through my blog reader to see another crafty gal celebrating the holiday! 8 nights is rather awesome, its like getting a do-over 7 times in a row, you know, just in case you miss something! LOL! Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. So busy! Wow! Hope you are enjoying yourself :) Thanks for that link to Project 12 - looks very fun!