Thursday, October 22, 2009

7 Days of Creation according to Ella

After our move we signed up the girls for Hebrew school. They both speak Hebrew well but we want them to know how to read and also learn about our traditions.

Well, this past Sunday Ella's class learned about the 7 Days of Creation. She came home excited and told us all about what was created when and than added - And on the 7th day G-d created the food. After I finished laughing I asked her why she thinks so. She showed me a worksheet that they made in class. The picture for the 7th day showed Shabbat dinner table with candles, wine and challah. She just picked up the clues from the picture :)

Here are Ella and Eli sharing a snack. Let's agree - food is important! :)


  1. i love that - 7th day he created food! so sweet that she is doing her best to understand :D

  2. I like that you are incoorparating your faith into your scrapbooking. I love the LO and the story is just precious