Monday, September 7, 2009

Garage sale

Right before we moved our neighbors were doing a garage sale and we decided to join.

This box was not for sale!

Here is what we sold:
3 old bikes $5 each
hello kitty slippers $0.5
poh stuffed animal $1.00
scooter $3.00
toy submarine $3.00
tiny plastic doll $0.1
shoes $3.00
cleo stuffed animal $1.00
plastic bead chains $0.25
10 little plastic toys $1.00
little bear $0.25
cotton candy machine $2.00
doll furniture set $0.30
hello kitty clipboard $0.20
doll clothes $0.20
total: $30.80

Not very impressive but at least the girls had fun :-)

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  1. it's not about the money made it's about getting rid of old clutter and making the kids happy ....right? LOL

    sounds like fun :D

  2. I agree. I just feel happy to get stuff out and get *something* for it.

  3. Making money while purging - woohoo! Great job! And I'm glad the girls had fun.