Friday, July 3, 2009


My challenge at Scrappy Times is finally posted so I can share the layout that I did. The Challenge is based on Suzi Blu's layers video.
Here is what I did:
- I started with black embossed cardstock (It was one of my first scrapbooking purchaces few years ago)
- I covered the cardstock with one layer on ivory paint mixed with some glue. You can still see some of the embossing through the paint.
- I added few pieces of the lace cardstock and covered them also with the mixture of ivory paint and glue
- After waiting till the paint was dry, I added my pictures
- I used gesso to fill the gaps between the pictures and in 2 corners to make a background for my title
- I added the letter stickers and covered them with a thin layer of glossy modge podge including the lace cardstock
- I used white pencil to accent the layout borders
- I used turquoise pencil on top of the white and between the pictures
- I added little turquoise leaves for a little interest
- I decided to stop here :)

I like how it turned out but most of all I like the pictures.

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