Friday, June 5, 2009

Eli's calendar - first 3 months

I knew I want to do this long before Eli was born - a calendar to document his first year. A place to write down all his "firsts" and to capture all little moments that disappear with time. I even decided on products I will be using and made the first page before Eli's birth. So untypical for me LOL

8 months passed and I am proud to say that I am keeping up with my project. (Another untypical thing). The calendar is hanging above Eli's changing table. I keep a journaling pen close and try to write down few words every few days. Few months ago I printed a bunch of index size photos and completed the calendar pages with stamping, little photos and some embellishments. Here are the first 3 months:

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  1. that's amazing Maya! what a great idea and a wonderful execution!