Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mid-America Synchronized Skating Championships

Another ice skating competition. Number 3 this season and the farest so far. Every competition the girls are getting a little giveaway from one of the moms. This time I was doing the giveaway. I decided to make a water bottle charms. I saw the idea on Hero Arts blog few months ago and thought it will be nice to do the same for Lila's team. It started with a bunch of beads, an ice skate stamp, shrinky dink sheets and a circle punch.

After some experiments with different sizes and designs I decided what I want to do and 8 hours later I had 19 little beaded bracelets with shrinky dink charms and a huge mess.

I finished the enveloped in the hotel room. One side of the charm has an ice skate image, the other side has the monogram.

As for the competition, the girls did great! The skated beautifully and took the second place!

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  1. So cute! What a nice & useful gift! She looks so grown up in that picture!!!!