Friday, January 23, 2009

Fiskars Friday - treat pouch with decorative corner

1. Gather your supplies. Two -sided patterned paper is the best because you are going to see both sides. I chose to work with some older Chatterbox paper because it is not too thick.

2. Cut 7.5"x7.5" square. I tried few different sizes and that's what I liked the best.
3. Fold the square into triangle and punch the corner using Fiskars corner-border punch. Punch the border twice. The punch works in whole inch increments so at the end of this step you should have 3" of punched border.

4. Punch the border twice on the other side of the triangle. Because I was using thin paper I was able to punch through 2 layers. If you have heavy paper, unfold the triangle and punch each corner separately.

5. Fold one corner of the triangle just below the punched design. See the photo.

6. Fold the second corner.

7. Open the created pocket and fold one side down. With the finger, tuck in the bottom of the pouch - this will allow the pouch to stand (with some help :-) )

8. Decorate as desired. I used the XL scallop heart and L heart punches and some raindots

The idea for the pouch is from the 3D Design Challenge blog.

More Fiskars Fridays: Debby from Debby's Dare shows how to used Fiskars border punch.


  1. This is great. Thanks for showing us how to make it.

  2. איזה יופי!
    תודה על ההסבר!

  3. Beautiful work Maya!! I made a pouch like this over the holidays but I like the addition of the decorate corner!!

  4. רעיונות נהדרים
    השמיכה למעלע מהממת