Thursday, February 21, 2008


was such an exciting experience for me!
Listening to Stacy Julian's keynote speech, taking classes from all those creative (and famous in my world) people was so muchh fun and so inspiring. The mistake I made is to assume that I will have time to work on my stuff between the classes. Nope, I even didn't finish the class projects...

Here is my scrapbolw strory in pictures -
I arrived to Washington DC Friday afternoon, leaving behind frozen Milwaukee.

My suitcases arrived safely. I should mention that Ofir helped me packed. Isn't he sweet? Sue (thanks Sue!) picked me up from the airport, we had time to drop off my suitcases at the hotel, grab something to eat and be at the expo before the doors were opened. At 6pm the registrations began. Everything went very smooth. Here is Sue in the line to get her name badge.

The first thing what I did is to rush to the vendors area and to buy Stacy's new book "Photo Freedom" I bought one for myself and one to give away on Fiskateers MB. Here I am with my new treasure, trying to control my happy smile.

After that Sue and me went to the private reception with Stacy for people who took her Glimpses class on BPS. Brownies and milk were served :)

The evening ended with Stacy's speech and Sue take me back to the hotel. I still had all my stuff in the room so I made the small tag book to collect the authograps. That was my friend's Carrie idea. Thanks Carrie!

Here is all for part I. More is coming!

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