Thursday, February 21, 2008

Scrapbowl - part II

My second day satrted with a class with adorable Tia Bennett She taught a needle felting technique - so cool! Can't wait to finish the projects, this is definately something I want to do more.

Check the felting needle - it is huge! You would not want to poke yourself with it.

The next was class with Stacy Julian. I almost finished my album but was completely washed out after 3 hours class. That was super intense!

Here is Paula from BPS.

After the class I was too tired to work on my stuff, so I took a mini class with Emily Adams. She did the cutest mini album with chipboard birds.

On sunday I took 2 classes. The first one was with Shimelle I loved making the paper quilt and stitch on the paper. I really need a sewing machine!

The last class was with Donna, who was just hilarious and so much fun.

I didn't finish any of the projects in class but liked all of them. My friend Miri picked me up from the expo center and took me to their place. It was so good to spend some time with them. I slept great and the next morning I took the metro to Washington DC. My flight was not before 6:50pm, so I left my suitcases at the Union Station and went for a walk. The weather was AWESOME. Warm enough for short sleeves and sunny. Boy, they have flowers in February and leaves on the bushes! Unbeliavable! I have pictures to prove it. So, to finish this long post, I will just say - it was FUN! Now I just need to finish the projects....

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