Saturday, June 29, 2013

Road trip to New Jersey - part 1

Last Monday, June 17th, I packed my kids into the minivan, loaded it with snacks and set the GPS to Fair Lawn, NJ.

If you ask "Why New Jersey?" you probably don't know yet that after 10 years in Wisconsin we are moving to New Jersey. Ofir is already there, working at his new job but we stayed in Wisconsin to finish the school year, pack the house and get ready for the move. Our school year ended earlier than the school year on New Jersey so we decided to take a road trip, visit the schools and take a look at the area.  

First stop at Lake Forest Oasis in Chicago. Time for ice cream.

Hmm, I probably didn't take enough snacks...

No problem. We will stop and the next rest stop for more ice cream.
 We spent the whole day on the road and late at night arrived to our hotel in Pennsylvania.

The next morning we decided to take a detour and visit the Kinzua Bridge State Park. The views of the bridge are stunning.

Here is what was left from the bridge support after it was destroyed by tornado in 2003.

We had fun at the observation deck.

Ella had to check if the restored segment of the rail tracks will hold her.
The same evening we arrived to Fair Lawn and picked up Ofir from our friends house.

The next morning we had a meeting at the high school and after that we had lunch in Hoboken. After the lunch we dropped of Ofir at his office and went to visit the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. the highlight of the center is the observation deck with gorgeous view of New York.

We spent some time looking at the tall buildings,

 catching balls with upside-down glasses on and

making handprints.

We had some free time before dinner so per my request we found Starbucks and everyone happily reunited with their electronic devices.

We had great dinner with our friends at sushi restaurant at Ridgewood. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures inside the restaurant.

Stay tuned for part 2.

P.S. A short blog maintenance announcement. As all you know and probably saw on endless other blogs, Google Reader is going away. After trying few things I decided to use Bloglovin. I especially like it's app on my Android. So if you followed me through Google Reader or Google Friends you can continue following by clicking on the Bloglovin icon on my left side bar. Hope to see some old and new names :)

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