Tuesday, November 11, 2008

International Babywearing Week

I found out that November 12-18 is an International Babywearing Week from reading Just Jess blog yesterday morning. She posted the cutest photo of her baby girl in the sling and gave the link to the Adventures in Babywearing blog. They are having a contest to celebrate International Babywearing Week by posting your favorite babywearing photo. The winner will get a new sling by Nonny & Bo .

So here it is. Eli was just 10 days old here :) So warm and cozy and safe :) This wrap is the bestest! I don't use it now as much as with Ella but it's a lifesaver at the ice skating rink. I am spending hours there waiting for Lila. With the baby in the wrap I am sure he is warm and I don't have to struggle with the stroller and the stairs. (No elevator there!).


  1. What a cute picture!! What kind of wrap is that? Was it hard to learn?

  2. Love the picture! That is multi-tasking at its best.

  3. Oh my gosh, who couldn't sleep snuggled like that? So cute!

  4. Slings are the bestest!
    אני די מתגעגעת לזמן הזה שכל מה שהייתי צריכה זה את התינוכיס שלי, עבור הנסיכה הפרטית שלי.
    עכשיו היא כבר בת 19 חודשים ורוצה רק ללכת, העגלה מעלה עובש במחסן LOL
    תמונה מקסימה :-)