Thursday, April 10, 2008

New habit

I am working on some new habits - organizing and printing my digital pictures every month.
Now an easy task with so many pictures on 2 computers. I am happy to say that March 2008 is done! All good pictures are uploaded to Picasa Web for my family to enjoy and I just need to order the prints. While working on my March pictures I found some projects that I didn't post.

The quilt below is one of the Scrapbowl projects. It was a class taught by Shimelle .
The pictures are printed on the white cardstock and than quilted together with painted squares of cardstock. I was able to sew it in the class, so at home I just had to put some finishing touches and fit it into the frame.

The next one is a birthday card for a very cute boy

This is 8x8 lo I did for the A Year To Remember yahoo group lo swap. I am curious to see what layouts I will receive.

I also did another charm swap organized by Michelle

I decided to try the shrinky dinks. The blue charms are stamped with a stamp by Paula Best, the white charms are punched out with Martha Stewart punch. All charms are colored with the colored pencils. It was a lot of work but I think they are cute :)


  1. cute layouts and projects Maya!!! Good luck with printing out your photos every month, that's what I do - it makes it so much easier I think! :-)

  2. Love the quilt project - very pretty. And yay on trying the shrinky dinks - aren't they fun?

  3. Wow those are cute! You put so much into your work! And BTW did you know shrinky dinks were co-invented by a former Mayor of Brookfield? Cool hey? lol